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New Report Charts Origins of Whitfield

A new 180 page report from Canterbury Archaeological Trust describing discoveries made during the construction of the Whitfield-Eastry bypass in the 1990s includes details of an ancient settlement site found at Church Whitfield. Excavations at the Church Whitfield cross-roads, where the fly-over bridge carrying Archers Court Road now stands, revealed important evidence for prehistoric and later Anglo-Saxon habitation. Five hundred worked flints, a few pieces of pottery and a pit dated by radiocarbon suggest activity here during the Neolithic and early Bronze Age, between c.2500 and 1500 BC. The first clear evidence for settlement, though, was represented by a...

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Craft & Home Economics Report for March. Part of the W.I.

We just had our meeting for March, which was early this month as most of the members attended the ACM at The Winter Gardens in Margate. But we are now back on track, and the next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd April at 2.00pm. We had an interesting talk on Monets Gardens from Rosemary Piddock. I didn’t realise was a gardener as well. It seems he painted what he planted in his gardens in France. I think there will be loads of people visiting this now. We were told if you like that sort of thing, it’s worth...

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