Could you be paying less for your energy? No time to shop around to compare prices? Let us do the hard work for you.

Join Energy Deal (your local collective switching scheme) a straightforward, no obligation way to see if you can get a better energy deal and benefit from lower energy costs.

  1. Register with Energy Deal between 14 April 2015 and 18 May 2015
  2. Energy suppliers will compete to offer you the best energy deal on 19 May 2015
  3. You receive a personalised offer showing if and how much you could save from 29 May 2015
  4. You decide if you want to switch and we will help you through the process

Registration requires the following information which can be found on your annual energy statement or energy bill:

  • the name of your current supplier
  • the name of your current energy tariff
  • annual energy consumption in kWhs
  • how you pay for your energy

For more information and to register go to, or call 01304 872428 (leave your contact details to receive a callback)