On the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd July, we had our monthly meeting. Veronica Ashby who was our speaker spoke about “Waste not want not”. She was very very entertaining, she showed us that most of everything we throw away is not necessarily destined for the bin. It can be recycled and used for something else. It was truly amassing if you have the imagination and know how.

Gloria then informed us of any forth coming events, including our monthly lunch out, usually at the Archer in Whitfield. We have a Centenary Tea at the hall coming up. And various trips. One of our Wl’s is having a trip to Brighton in August. There’s also our Christmas dinner at the Ramada later in the year. And we are always in someone’s house having morning coffee or afternoon tea. At the end of the meeting we enjoyed the usual chat and cup of tea, or whatever you prefer. Every month we have a competition thats related to the speakers talk. It’s just a bit of fun. The meeting for next month will be on Wednesday 26th August at 2pm. It will be our Summer Tea and our Centenary, so those who want to dress up for 1915 can. If you are interested, and we hope you are. Maybe you would like to give our president Gloria a ring on Whitfield 825732. She would be very pleased to talk to you. And we would all love to meet you. So just come in.