Freshfields pre-school has long been established in Whitfield, and there are not many who can say that they have not heard of, or accessed, its provision. This can also be said for its sister company Smiles, which has been running for twelve years on the Old Park Barracks Estate. The reputation of these pre-schools are renowned and recognised by the continuous positive ratings from OFSTED. Smiles pre-school has once again recently received a ‘GOOD’ overall rating with an ‘OUTSTANDING’ for Safeguarding and Wellbeing.

However, as with most services that are consistent, reliable and dependable, they can be taken for granted. Once the school year finishes and the children who currently attend leave to continue their education journey at primary school, for the first time, we will have vacancies that need to be filled.  We accept qualifying 2, 3 and 4 year olds for whom early education is free.

We provide an excellent service in preparing children to socialise and start building their foundation for education, and offer a safe and secure environment for children to learn and grow.

Please be aware that if these services are not utilised, then Whitfield may lose the facilities for early education of its children.

For more information or to register at Freshfields at Whitfield Village Hall, please call 01304 829902. For Smiles at Gordon Road Community Centre, please call01304 827432 or 07815 907669.